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  • ...two, (called ''biliteral'') and those that represented three, (called ''[[Egyptian triliteral signs|triliteral]]''). In the following list, ''aleph'' is [[transliteration of Ancient Egyptian|transliterated]] as {{unicode|ꜣ}}, ''ayin'' as {{Unicode|ꜥ}} and ''yodh
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  • {{List of Medu Neter/navig}} {{List of Medu Neter/Medu Neter box
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  • ...bandages removed from his face. Above on the right is an authentic Ancient Egyptian MUMMY housed in the Cairo Museum of Egypt. Please take notice of the identi "THE CENTRAL FIGURE OF THE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN RELIGION WAS OSIRIS, AND THE CHIEF FUNDAMENTALS OF HIS CULT WERE THE BELIEF
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