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  • ...of his favourite design of a "sea to sea" (Canada's motto) flag with blue borders and three conjoined red maple leaves on a white field. This motion led to w ...d [[Heraldry|heraldic]] illustrations. The text was rendered in black ink, using a [[quill]], while the heraldic elements were painted in [[gouache]] with g
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  • boundary issues, Iraq formally recognized Kuwait's independence and its borders in October 1963. During the 1970s, the Kuwaiti government nationalized the ...ed first in the Middle East and the [[Arab League]] by [[Reporters Without Borders]] in the [[freedom of press]] index.<ref>{{cite web|url=
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  • ...rinsic character as clear to the native population as to those outside its borders, who identified Armenia almost at once as the first state to adopt Christia attach the former territories of Ottoman Armenia to it. Because the new borders of Armenia were to be drawn by United States President [[Woodrow Wilson]],
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  • ...where in the stadium the radios might be, or the exact frequency they are using; those are the functions of subsequent steps such as signal detection and d ...scouting the front lines of another army know that the other side will be using radios that must be portable and not have huge antennas.
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  • ...the [[Baltic Sea]], whereby to the west lie [[Sweden]] and [[Denmark]]. It borders [[Latvia]] to the north, [[Belarus]] to the east and south, [[Poland]] to t ...e [[Russian Empire]] resumed the construction of fortresses at its western borders for defence against a potential invasion from Germany in the West. On 7 Jul
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  • ...jen Sirius|Sirius Patrol]]), guarding the northeastern shores of Greenland using dog sleds, detected several German [[weather station]]s and alerted America The Atlantic Ocean borders Greenland's southeast; the [[Greenland Sea]] is to the east; the Arctic Oce
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  • ...people worldwide and tracks the movement of hundreds of millions of people using cellphones. It has also created or maintained security vulnerabilities in m ...clandestine activities such as [[bugging]] computers throughout the world, using the expertise of both agencies.<ref name=f6a>{{cite web|url=http://theweek.
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