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  • ...ies and social sciences. It was established by President [[Kwame Nkrumah]] in 1962 to encourage [[African studies]]. ...Nkrumah gave an inaugural address at the Institute, 'The African Genius', in which he called for the recovery of African traditions and an African-cente
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  • ...ights]] along with fundamental [[freedom (political)|freedoms]] proclaimed in the [[United Nations Charter|UN Charter]].<ref name=history>{{cite web|url= ...s&PID=9485&NewsID=2332 |title=The Faroes become associated <ny specialized institutes and centres throughout the world}}</ref>
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  • {{About|the cereal grain, also known as ''corn'' in some countries|other uses}} ...spread to the rest of the world due to its popularity and ability to grow in diverse climates.
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