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Not right now,to un-become is the answer of un-becoming it is. They show us becoming without saying: "Hey, this is what becoming is..." For What gain has the works; from ONE OF Sun's toil?

Dear Incumbent President Please Take Notice that the Late Great Dr. Frances Cress Weising through her own personal self-acceptance has given us something to do in Honor of life. For the late Great Scholar, Dr. Frances Cress Weising has a message that she has left and it is here in the best way that I can put it for all who walk upon the earth, that:

1. Any Incumbent President who wishes to receive votes from (in her own words “Black people”) then “you will need to announce that during your campaign trail that in return for our votes that you will not exclude our input. That you will honor our lives as you honor your own.”

2. That anyone who deprives another of the natural right live and breathe air, shall not go unpunished for being scared of an unarmed man. For any (in her own words “Black man”) who has been savagely slaughtered by the Police who says in return through his/her lack of self acceptance: “I thought that he had a gun.” As his defense, that that defense shall no longer rest with us, no instead it shall be addressed and that one who is armed fearing the unarmed shall not go unpunished.

3. That His-story, you know American his-story reveals itself to itself that instead of living in the fear that America lives in because of her great crimes against Humanity, that a matter for Reparations shall be filed in a United States Court of law and that the matter’s settlement shall be forthcoming.

4. Whereas; America yet, has failed to openly state through the lack of self-acceptance: “My ancestor has done a great harm in the name of freedom, and deprived another - of the same.”

Wherefore and for myself personally- I have gone through life wondering always - why? Y This is the reason why I made a decision to pursue education because of my own personal lack of knowledge, and instruction coupled then with the positions in life that had been distributed out: - to me. I knew that somewhere along the line the truth about me was not what I knew of myself, in fact I did not know myself. There I was then going, you see going through life too then with the lack of self-acceptance.

Now on this we need to come together and form a union whereas we collective and Hue Manly, remember we are Hue Man, we have Melanin which comes only from Rah. So, when ever everybody get ready then please let's do it. No more saying, just the doing, "Knowing is not enough, you must do, doing is not enough you must apply..." Bruce Lee and that the Late Great Dr. Frances Cress Weising through her own personal self-acceptance has given us something to do in Honor of life.

Let's do it...