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The Adamic tree of knowledge and Eve the mother of Evil, see Genesis 2nd chapter. The Adamic apple tree my dear leper your name is Adam-Abraham Anglo-Saxon apple tree, that look pretty and respectable to your eyes don't it? Yes indeed--gross beauty is the Queen in hell, and Royal leper Adam and Eve and Abraham and Anglo-Saxon are all white people if you please.

King Alpha and Queen Omega said they are Black Arch Sovereign of most Holy Times, and perfect Virginity, and Supreme Crown Head of Holy Times The Pay Master and keeper of the Perfect Tree of Life and creators of Creation, Dynasties and Kingdoms, Holy Genealogy and Holy Theocracy and Celestial in Terrestrial Mediator if you wish to know their profession.

The Eternal Come Back King Alpha the Monarch Sovereign Pay-Master and Owner of this world. Just make one Eternal come back at His Pay Office.

King Alpha and his wife Queen Omega were here on earth before if you please. Old Alpha the Lion of Creation said to Queen Omega please hand me the Pay Roll and the Militant and Balance Sheet. And your Majesty will mount His Excellency's Great Circle Throne and throw Old Theocracy above the Wheel of Holy Time, right into Holy Eternity to the Lion of Alpha and Omega the King of kings forevermore.

King Alpha and Queen Omega are Black People if you please. They are commonly called the Exodus if you please, the book of Exodus is theirs if you please. Notice if you see Moses and Aaron and Abraham gave any strong report of King Alpha and Queen Omega in their fake Bible if you please. Well since a man has right to pay without work, this world can also work with pay.

There is no book in the Bible for the Anglo Saxon Creation, there is no book of Isaac or his father Abraham in the New Testament.

King Alpha the Most Sacred and Everlasting God, Heaven and Earth's creator, said that Adam Abraham-Anglo Saxon whit people are not entitled to any eternal reward according to his schedule.

My dear Ethiopians, Ethiopia is the crown head of this earth field since heaven has been built by His Majesty Ras Tafari the living God. Thank and praise the ever-living God as long as eternal ages roll.

King Alpha and Queen Omega said they are our parents, and the keeper of the Tree of Life. He and his wife are not any family at all to Adam and Eve and Abraham and Isaac and the Anglo Saxon Slave Owners; for that is exactly how His Majesty King Noah the Black Monarch was drowned at Antediluvia by Adam Abraham the Anarchy.

Judge Samson lost his tribunal and life by marrying the Philistine white woman. See Judges 14, 15 and 10th chapters. See how the Philistine Judges plotting out riddles with the woman how to get him.