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King Alpha said Bands are not (run) by Ministers, they are by the Priesthood not after the order of Aaron but strictly after the Royal Order of King Ras Tafari the King of Kings of Ethiopia.

Revivalists are not common people, if some individuals of the lower order in the dung heap happen to get into the world by mistake he or she will soon get out and hang him or herself. The reason why revivalists would have not been lightened up with radiance before now, King Alpha was awaiting for the Delegates of the Resurrection of the Kingdom of Ethiopia and King Alpha's work is strictly perfect and He and Queen Omega do not business with Anglo-Militant white people nakedness.

King Alpha said that a Balm Yard is not a Hospital neither is it a obeah shop. People that are guilty of obeah must not visit balm yards nor in the Assembly of Black Supremacy. No admittance for Fortunetellers witch and old hag. No admittance for obeah dogs none whatever, no admittance for ghost, witch, lizards, no admittance for Alligators, Snakes, Puss, Crabs, Flies, Ants, Rats, and Mice, and Lodestones, Pin, and Needles, John Crows, the Ravens and Candles, fast Cups and Rum Bottles and Grave Yards are not required.

People's clothes, a beast hair and fowls and Grave dirt not wanted. The Woman's baby will strive in her belly, and your Snake and Lizards will not be able to hurt her. For your ghosts will come right back to you. For this is Ethiopia's balm yard and we do not have leprosy. For ghosts only visit the leper's home.

This poison is for all bad spirits it is No. 666 it is good for the Pope of Rome and the Monarch of hell bottom you will not be here to grudge, or obeah, or rob the people nor breed up the young girls and treat them like dog.

You will not plant your obeah self with no man or woman so that we who are King Alpha's children cannot get rid of you until the obeah rotten. Science my dear King your black and white heart obeah factory is up side down. Take this ramkin dose of fatal deadly poison and leave for God's sake do it quickly. By Supreme law of King Alpha the King of Kings, you will not blind, give big foot or sore, or turn any more children across the woman's belly and kill her baby when it is born, nor any time after. Every good looking man's wife you see you want to cohabit with her, you rotten gut snake, and anywhere a man put a business you go there to kill and drive away, you dead cold horse.

This pole is Black Supremacy owned by King Alpha the King of Kings now Ethiopia knew the perfect value of Holy Baptism under water, for King Alpha taught us how to appreciate the power of holy baptism.

Now we the Black People have no pardon to beg white supremacy, no favor to ask her for she is an acknowledged deceiver. From B.C. 4001 to A. D. second score, she faked all Christianity.

Black Supremacy the Church Triumphant has denounced her openly for baptism is a very important subject to Black Supremacy.