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1. WITH sacrifice exalt Agni who knows all life; worship him 'with oblation and the song of praise,
     Well kindled, nobly fed; heaven's Lord, Celestial Priest, who labours at the pole where deeds of might are done.
2. At night and morning, Agni, have they called to thee, like milch-kine in their stalls lowing to meet their young.
     As messenger of heaven thou lightest all night long the families of men. Thou Lord of precious boons.
3. Him have the Gods established at the region's base, doer of wondrous deeds, Herald of heaven and earth;
     Like a most famous car, Agni the purely bright, like Mitra. to be glorified among the folk.
4. Him have they set in his own dwelling, in the vault, like the Moon waxing, fulgent, in the realm of air.
     Bird of the firmament, observant with his eyes, guard of the place as 'twere, looking to Gods and men.
5. May he as Priest encompass all the sacrifice. men throng to him with offerings and with hymns of praise.
     Raging with jaws of gold among the growing plants, like heaven with all the stars, he quickens earth and sky.
6. Such as thou art, brilliantly kindled for our weal, a liberal giver, send us riches in thy shine,
     For our advantage, Agni, God, bring Heaven and Earth hither that they may taste oblation brought by man.
7. Agni, give us great wealth, give riches thousandfold. unclose to us, like doors, strength that shall bring renown.
     Make Heaven and Earth propitious through the power of prayer, and like the sky's bright sheen let mornings beam on us.
8. Enkindled night by night at every morning's dawn, may he shine forth with red flame like the realm of light,-
     Agni adored in beauteous rites with lauds of men, fair guest of living man and King of all our folk.
9. Song chanted by us men, O Agni, Ancient One, has swelled unto the deathless Gods in lofty heaven-
     A milch-cow yielding to the singer in the rites wealth manifold, in hundreds, even as he wills.
10. Agni, may we show forth our valour with the steed or with the power of prayer beyond all other men;
     And over the Five Races let our glory shine high like the realm of light and unsurpassable.
11. Such, Conqueror! be to us, be worthy of our praise, thou for whom princes nobly born exert themselves;
     Whose sacrifice the strong seek, Agni, when it shines for never-failing offspring in thine own abode.
12. Knower of all that lives, O Agni may we both, singers of praise and chiefs, be in thy keeping still.
     Help us to wealth exceeding good and glorious, abundant, rich in children and their progeny.
13. The princely worshippers who send to those who sing thy praise, O Agni, guerdon, graced with kine and steeds,-
     Lead thou both these and us forward to higher bliss. With brave men in the assembly may we speak aloud.