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1. WIDE, Indra Satakratu, spreads the bounty of thine ample grace:
     So, Lord of fair dominion, Friend of all men, give us splendid wealth.
2. The food which, Mightiest Indra, thou possessest worthy of renown
     Is bruited as most widely famed, invincible, O Golden-hued!
3. O Darter of the Stone, the powers which readily obey thy will,-
     Divinities, both thou and they, ye rule, to guard them, earth and heaven.
4. And from whatever power of thine, O Vrtra-slayer, it may be,
     Bring thou to us heroic strength: thou hast a man's regard for us.
5. In thy protection, with these aids of thine, O Lord of Hundred Powers,
     Indra, may we be guarded well, Hero, may we be guarded well.