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Translation from Polish. Source: Dziennik Ustaw No 24 of 1972, item 168.

Polish and German texts available in the internet database of Polish treaties, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland under

[Promulgation formula - omitted]


between the People's Republic of Poland and the Federal Republic of Germany concerning the basis of normalisation of their mutual relations.

The People's Republic of Poland and the Federal Republic of Germany,

considering that 25 years have passed since the end of the second world war, the first victim of which was Poland and which brought about heavy sufferings to nations of Europe,
mindful that during that period a new generation has risen, to which a peaceful future ought to be provided,
desiring to create a permanent basis for peaceful coexistence and development of normal and good relations between them,
aiming at strengthening of peace and security in Europe,
conscious that the inviolability of borders and the respect of territorial integrity and sovereignity of all states in their present borders is a basic condition of peace,

have agreed the following:

Article I

1. The People's Republic of Poland and the Federal Republic of Germany unanimously state, that the existing border line, the course of which was established in chapter IX of the resolutions of the Potsdam Conference of 2 August 1945 from the Baltic Sea immediately west of Świnoujście [Germ. text: Swinemuende] and thence along the Odra [Germ. text: Oder] river to the confluence of the Nysa Łużycka [Germ. text: Lausitzer Neisse] river, and along Nysa Łużycka [Germ. text: Lausitzer Neisse] to the border of Tchechoslovakia, constitutes the western state border of the People's Republic of Poland.

2. They confirm the inviolability of their existing borders, now and in future, and they mutually obligate themselves for unreserved respect of their territorial integrity.

3. They declare that they have no territorial claims to each other and they also will not lay such claims in future.

Article II

1. The People's Republic of Poland and the Federal Republic of Germany will follow, in their mutual relations and in matters of securing safety in Europe and in the world, the aims and principles formulated in the Chart of the United Nations.

2. In accordance to that, in compliance with clauses 1 and 2 of the Chart of the United Nations, they will solve all their disputes exclusively by peaceful means, and in matters concerning the European and international safety, as well as in their mutual relations, they will restrain from the threat of violence or the use of violence.

Article III

1. The People's Republic of Poland and the Federal Republic of Germany will take further steps aimed at full normalisation and comprehensive development of their mutual relations, the permanent basis of which will be the present Agreement.

2. They are unanimous in that, that it is in their common interest to widen their economic, scientific, technological, cultural and other relations.

Article IV

The present Agreement does not concern bilateral or multilateral international agreements previously concluded by the Parties or concerning them.

Article V

The present Agreement is subject to ratification and will come into force on the day of the exchange of the ratification documents, which will take place in Bonn.

In witness whereof, the Plenipotentiaries of the Contracting Parties have signed the present Agreement.

The present Agreement was drawn up in Warsaw, on 7 November 1970 in two copies, each of them in Polish and German language, whereby both texts are equally authentic.

In the name of The People's Republic of Poland



In the name of The Federal Republic of Germany

Willy Bandt

Walter Scheel

pl:Układ między Polską Rzecząpospolitą Ludową a Republiką Federalną Niemiec o podstawach normalizacji ich wzajemnych stosunków z 7 grudnia 1970 r.