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Bawku Municipal District
Districts of Upper East Ghana
Districts of Upper East Ghana
Country Ghana
RegionUpper East Region
 • District ExecutiveMusah Abdullai
 • Total1,275 km2 (492 sq mi)
 • Total205,849
Time zoneUTC+0 (GMT)

The Bawku Municipal District is one of the eight districts in the Upper East Region of Ghana. The district borders Burkina Faso and Togo.

Kusasi, Mamprussi, Bissa and Mossi are the main ethnic groups living in Bawku District, with the Kusasi forming the majority of the population, followed by Bissa. In addition, migrants come from Burkina Faso and from the south of Ghana. The immigrants from the south working mostly in public services.

The district is characterized by agriculture, with tomatoes, soya beans and onions being amongst the main crops.

Administrative divisions

It is made of the following constituencies:

The district contains towns and villages. Of note are:

  • Bawku
  • Pusiga
  • Garu
  • Denugu/Danvorga
  • Kongo
  • Zorsi
  • Tempane
  • Wuriyanga
  • Narango
  • Mognori (Gumbo)
  • Widana
  • Yabrago
  • Missiga
  • Bugri-Bulpielse
  • Manga
  • Basyonde
  • Binduri Natinga
  • Kulugungu
  • Gozesi
  • Bugri.


Coordinates: 11°3′N 0°14′W / 11.050°N 0.233°W / 11.050; -0.233

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