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Commune and town
CountryFlag of Mali.svg Mali
RegionKayes Region
CercleKayes Cercle

Kita is a town and commune in western Mali. It lies on the eastern slope of Mount Kita (Bambara: "Kita-kuru"), known for its caves and rock paintings. Today, the city is known for its music, its annual Roman Catholic pilgrimage and its role as a processing center for the surrounding cotton- and peanut-growing region. Kita lies on the Dakar-Niger Railway and it the largest transit hub between Bamako (112 miles) and Kayes (205 miles).

In November 1955, Kita became a commune of average exercise. On March 2, 1966, Kita became a commune of full exercise. The town grew in the 1990s around the cotton industry, but this has since declined.

A fictionalized version of Kita features as the setting for Malian author Massa Makan Diabaté's "Kouta Trilogy" (Le lieutenant de Kouta, Le coiffeur de Kouta, and Le boucher de Kouta).[1]

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